Robyne Pomroy, Parks Sadler, Shawn Ibarra, Josh Todd, Hannah Johnson, Christine Baulieu, Helbis Morgan, and Anthony Edwards. 
Art Director: 
Dave Brodeur
Good to Go! is an interactive book that highlights the accomplishments of UNC Charlotte graphic design alumni. Created during the fall 2018 semester by the Print Production class, lead by Dave Brodeur. This project answers the question can you make a book have a life beyond a single read-through. As a board game, it does just that. Good to Go! is not only about design alumni, it's also about the design process from kickoff to launch.
Through the process of pitching concepts to discover the direction of the project, it was my idea - to create something interactive that would allow this document to live beyond a first glance - that allowed us to develop the book as a board game. Because of this, I felt particularly invested in its success and so I took opportunities to involve myself in as much of the development as possible. 

...but wait, there's more.

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